AneurysmDataBank, ADB

The AneurysmDataBank is currently populated with?clinical dataaccumulated from different projects such as @neurIST, AneuX and International Stroke Genetics Consortium Intracranial Aneurysm working Group. The collected information describe the initial clinical status of the patients and of their aneurysm(s) and details about treatments and patient?s outcomes. After obtaining formal ethical approval, harmonized data from new collaborating centres can be added to the AneurysmDataBank.

Information regarding?in vitro?and?in vivo?experiments?can also be integrated in the AneurysmDataBank using shape as a principal categorization factor.

The AneurysmDataBank will allow?translational research?across fields building bridges between physics, biology and pathology.

The AneurysmDataBank core is an sql database connected to an open multimedia archiving system that allows storing a high number of digital data sources. The ADB is accessible through a secured access controled web-based portal.

If you are already member of the AneurysmDataBank, you can update information regarding the clinical trial master file and upload your data on the ADB data platform.

If you are not yet a member or need support, please contact ADB management office.

AneurysmDataBank Infrastructure